Monday, April 2, 2007


Its time. Tomato seedlings are fast growers and shouldn't be started too early. Our average last frost date is April 30, so seedlings begun now will be a good size for planting out in the garden at the beginning of May. (Two years ago we had a hard frost in mid-May and lost almost every seedling we had planted out!)

Plant a number of tomato varieties, mostly paste tomatoes. I am trying out three heirloom paste varieties: Opalka, Polish Linguisa, and San Marzano La Padino. For my wife's kitchen garden we also start some Costoluto Genovese, an Italian heirloom tomato with superb taste and an awesome old-fashioned lobed shape. None of these tomatoes are hybrids, it is always interesting to see how they will grow.

Last year I successfully froze enough tomato sauce and roasted tomatoes to last us the year. If the weather and the bugs cooperate, we may do the same this year.

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