Wednesday, May 9, 2007


The roadsides are filled with blossoming brambles. Their canes are covered with white flowers of similar appearance, since the two most common brambles are the Multiflora Rose and the Wild Blackberry (green flower centers). I get them easily confused unless I have a chance to catch the sweet almost overpowering fragrance of the rose. Rosa multiflora was introduced into the United States from Asia by rose nurseries in the nineteenth century. Its vigorous growth led to the US government encouraging its use as a "living fence" and as wildlife habitat. Now its "tenacious and unstoppable growth habit" has earned it the classification of "noxious weed" in many states. Wild Blackberries are also members of the Rosaceae family which explains the similar appearance. But the blackberries' sweet gift will not be available until July after the bees have pollinated these blossoms and they have grown into the delicious "berries" which will inspire many pies and cobblers in my home.

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