Monday, February 18, 2008

02.03.08 BIG BROWN BAT

The common name for this creature, since it is probably Eptesicus fuscus, was exactly what my son hollered as it fluttered around his room after we retired last night. It (and who knows how many cousins) must be hibernating in our attic and had some how found its way into his bedroom. It flew from room to room in the dark and by the next morning it had settled on the living room wall. I put on my heavy gloves and gently removed him, as I did he (or she) gave a big winter‘s yawn exposing its attractive bat teeth. I easily relocated the fellow to the woods behind the house and then took its portrait. I hope it finds its way back to our attic to complete its sleep. We appreciate all of the work this family does in reducing our night insect population every summer.

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