Tuesday, March 9, 2010


I took advantage of the amazing spring-like weather yesterday to plant out 18 of my little broccoli seedlings and tuck them in snug with plastic milk jug cloches and plenty of straw mulch. I also fed them each a small handful of rotted chicken manure. Hoping for big things...

Which got me thinking about "confidence." I have confidence in my garden. Something which is often misplaced given the vagaries of weather, pests, and disease in my small enterprise. But it is based on my confidence in the natural world. I know with certainty, as I believe in the birth of a new generation, that the seasons will turn, the sun will continue to rise and the birds offer a springtime song...regardless of the actions of man.

But confidence can be such an ephemeral feeling ... especially among masses of people. Humans are so susceptible to whims and sudden pursuits of the fanciful, we have history to teach us this. Yet, our society is built upon the notion of "confidence." The economies of the world operate based upon the confidence that the citizens of each state have in their government's paper currency...confidence that it will maintain "value." And the capitalist's stock exchange is all about confidence. It has been commodified so that an emotion can be bought, sold, and traded. Yet it can never be really "seen" or "measured" in a physical concrete fashion.

Here is my "confidence in the Cruciferae." Even sharing a photo of broccoli in bloom many weeks before my little crop will blossom.

NB: In the "cross shape" of these tiny four-petalled yellow flowers is the clue to the name "Cruciferae."

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Ray in Blue Ridge said...

Nice photo and thoughts, Son.