Sunday, March 11, 2007


No doubts now. Spring is officially here. The red maples are blooming. Perhaps you didn't know that red maples have flowers? Well here they are...tiny beautiful red flowers. In a short time they will have been pollinated by all of the emerging insects and then turn into the first "helicopter" seeds of the year. The air fills with the tiny red toys in celebration.

Postscript: I am happy to report that on a drive this afternoon I finally hear spring's peepers! The tiny frogs of spring. Often in the past I have heard them in February. Late this year or have I just been in the wrong places?


Laura said...

Thank you for the serendipitous title of this post! Sunday was MY confirmation -- I was confirmed at St. Paul's Episcopal (because the bishop was visiting). I'm honored to share a confirmation day with our loveliest season.

Kristin said...

I finally heard the peepers last night when I was walking home, crossing the railroad tracks. Those two things go well together.