Saturday, March 24, 2007


I played catch up in the garden yesterday. Making up for lots of lost time while I was trapped in the back brace. I had plenty of cleaning and tidying to do in the vegetable garden. First and most importantly, get those fruit trees pruned! The espaliered trees have swelling buds, I don't want to prune them in bloom. They stretch dozens of long watersprouts to the clouds. I trim these to save and weave hurdles for fencing.

Then to the beds! All of my beds are fifty square feet each. Five by ten feet. It is a convenient size. It is about as much as I want to dig or work on at a time, so when I finish one I feel like I have accomplished something and quit. But today I turn another bed over, and then mulch four more with hay (two of these with feedbags underneath the hay). I am hoping the heavy mulch will keep the spring weeds down and then allow me to just punch through with tomato seedlings. No dig gardening!

Make time to clean out the asparagus bed, fertilize and mulch it. And give the berry canes and grape vines a good pruning.

The garden is looking good! Now it can really start growing.

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