Thursday, June 21, 2007


The machine on my desk linking me to the world's information reports that the sun will its highest point in the sky for us today at 2:06 pm EDT. Likewise, the farmer’s almanac calendar on the kitchen wall indicates that both yesterday and today are 14 hours and 19 minutes long and that sunrise is at "4:52 am" and sunset at "7:11 pm." (The farmer’s calendar also reports that these two days will be good days for fishing although Tuesday and Saturday are poor!)

Searching for something sweet for my morning cereal, I am reminded that the currants have ripened, both red and white. These tiny, jewel-like berries are a tasty gift on this climactic day.

(As much as the solstice is a day of achievement, it is also a sad day for my spirit. For the next six months daylight will grow shorter bringing us to the depths of winter. The shortening days in the midst of the hottest time of year feels like such an unnatural conincidence.)

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